An Open Letter To Joe Scarborough: This Is More Than About Mike Brown

A response more eloquently crafted than I can muster in the face of this mind-numbing tragedy and utter outrage. #blacklivesmatter #dontshoot #icantbreathe #nojusticenopeace

Our Legaci with J.A.M. Aiwuyor


Somebody needs to tell me when Michael Brown has been chosen as the face of Black oppression…There are so many great people to embrace as heroes in the Black community. Deciding that you’re going to embrace a guy that knocked over a convenient store, and then according the grand jury testimony acted in ways that would get my children shot…that’s your hero?” – Joe Scarborough, MSNBC Morning Joe

Dear Joe Scarborough,

The systematic and perpetual oppression of Black Americans is not an issue to be toyed with. Let’s be clear here. This is not just about Mike Brown. Mike Brown, Aiyana Jones, Rekia Boyd, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, John Crawford and so on are examples of how law enforcement is allowed to become judge, jury and executioner when it comes to Black lives. The anger and fury expressed by Black Americans is based on perpetual violence…

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Hello everyone!

As promised, here is your Wednesday post! 🙂

Today I would like to to share the finished version of a piece that I posted quite a while back. Those of you who checked out my updated portfolio might have noticed it already. It’s Kennedy’s portrait!

Conquering San Franscisco

It’s been months since I’ve talked about this piece but don’t think I’ve just tossed it aside! In fact, it was part of the batch submitted for my portfolio review. I am also glad to say that it has officially been gifted to Kennedy and she is full on godzilla-status in a new home. As always, criticism and critique are always welcome. And for those of you who missed it last time, feel free to check out Kennedy’s tumblr here.



End of Hiatus!

Hello everyone!

SO. As you all might’ve noticed, I had taken quite the hiatus from blogging over the summer. I’m afraid to say, my classes got the best of me and I just needed some time off to focus. But it all paid off as I am happy to announce I am now officially admitted to ASU’s Drawing Program! So don’t think I’ve forgotten you guys! If you’d like to see some of the pieces I’ve been working on these past few months, please check out my portfolio linked on the right side of the page or click here!

I will definitely be working towards posting more regularly. Right now, the plan is to resume the schedule that I promised you guys before so stay tuned for more to come every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 🙂